On site Guarding

Easyway Solutions has been providing professional site guards, static guards and security officers for a range of businesses across Malaysia, whether it is a large event for commercial factories, offices, warehouses, retail outlets, gatehouses, construction sites, industrial estates, shopping complex and residential area.

After performing an Operational Analysis, we will recommend any combination of these security services:

  • CCTV Monitoring, alarms and access control systems
  • Locking, unlocking and patrolling commercial and private property
  • Security guard patrols
  • Fire patrol and equipment checks
  • Emergency medical response
  • Security guard patrols
  • Loss prevention
  • Special events
  • Customized and site-specific security functions

As a client-focused organization, Easyway Solutions devotes extensive time and resources to hiring, training, developing and retaining our officers to achieve a level of service that meets the client’s security needs